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Altcoin and Crypto –

Altcoin and Crypto   Altcoin, Crypto and Bitcoin tools and platforms with highest quality!   On this website you will find the collected works of my altcoin, crypto and bitcoin career which started in 2015. I’ve used, still use allContinue reading

Dice infinity strategy 200k bets no loose!

Dice Strategys! Luckygames, Bitsler! Luckygames This is my so called infinity Strategie! This Strategy is for lower Balances (25k Coins recommended) (rdd, doge, verge, sia) as you can see it’s running and running 200k bets Base Bet: 0.0075  AutoBet: +6%Continue reading

How to make your Own CryptoPortfolio

How to make your Own CryptoPortfolio The Perfect CryptoPortfolio! I would like to explain to you  how and where to create a free real-time portfolio. all coins listed at are listed there. A portfolio that immediately indicates the current price changesContinue reading