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On this website you will find the collected works of my altcoin, crypto and bitcoin career which started in 2015. I’ve used, still use all of the altccoin and crypto tools and platforms.All platforms are trustworthy, legit ,safe and  paying well! Just have a look at my website and maybe find something that could be usefull for you.If you’re new to this whole altcoin, crypto and bitcoin thing then i recommend doing some research!



There are many ways to maximize your Money, altcoin and bitcoin

1. The easiest way with the lowest risk is Cloudmining

  • Some company’s have huge mining centers in countrys like Iceland. In Iceland, for example, the energy is very cheap and due to the climate, the plants are cooled at the same time. Which is the reason why you can buy bitcoin, altcoin and crypto mining contracts relatively cheap. The main advantage of cloudmining is, continuously recieving altcoin or bitcoin. Another advantage is that you ” double earn ” because the altcoins or bitcoins also go up in the price.

2.Also an easy way to maximize your altcoin, bitcoin and crypto’s is 1broker.

  • 1broker is a social trading platform, to make profit all you have to do is a deposit on their platform, after that you just a pick a succesfull trader and copy his trades 500%-1000% profit is easy possible.

3.Is a bit more difficult but also very profitable

  • either use altcoin, crypto exchanges to buy altcoins directly with bitcoin. Some of them make 50000% profit within a few months, know the difficult part is to buy the right Altcoin, Cryptocurrencie to make such profits you have to do some (a lot) research. Check the whitepapers of upcoming projects or try to get informations about updates on an altcoin.

  • Tipp: Do not buy coins that have an ATH (all-time-high) , I would even advise against buying coins that are more than 10% in daily profit. It is best to buy coins that are in the minus today as they will probably go back to plus tomorrow while the others will tend to go down again.

  • These are the main options to make profit with altcoin, crypto and bitcoin, there some more ways but these are the most constant and profitable ones!

  • The only content on that isn’t really safe is the HYIP (High-Yield Investment Programs) they can give you huge profits but you also can easily loose your whole investment. All HYIP content is marked with this sign ”HYIP” if you’re thinking about an investment read the ”INFO” please.

My Top 5 are:

  1. Bitmex

  2. CryptoExchange

  3. 1broker

  4. MiningRigRentals

  5. Luckygames


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High-yield investment(HYIP) program with high ROI – read the INFO if you think about an investment! They can give you huge profit if you’re doing it right! RISK LEVEL: High/medium depends on the platform really!

HYIP Platforms – These Platforms can give you huge profits or they will scam you so i checked the platforms but you can’t be sure 100% ( i wouldn’t share it if i’m sure it is scam) Check them and do a little research! – RISK LEVEL:Medium/low i did some research and they seem to be ”legit” to me.

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