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HYIP Free Mining Power - no invest needed!

High-yield investment program with high ROI !



These sites give you free mining power just for sign up, they also will payout! But most of them will probably exitscam after 4 to 8 weeks !
To make profit from this platforms you need to invest right after the launching, you'll you're invest back after 7-10 days so there is an easy x2-x3 profit possible!
 - Rules for invest!
      - invest early!
      - payout as often as you can (they normally take no transaction fee's)
      - be carefull (check launching Datum!)
Like i said there is nice profit possible if you invest early!
However you can easily take their free GigaHash to make some nice earnings! It's safe and you can't loose anything!


Get 100$ for free to buy a mining package! Your 100$ Here

This site gives us $ 100 to buy the Minimal Hasherate package: 16 MH / s, the daily amount is $ 2

Cryptohuge is a Bitcoin cloudmining site offering 9 different contracts for different cost and mining power, ranging from $ 100 to $ 25600. The special feature of this site is that it allows you to get the first $ 100 contract for free without providing bank details because the site offers you $ 100 after registration. You can start mining Bitcoin without any cost or bank details to provide. This first $ 100 contract provides a theoretical profit of $ 2 per day. Knowing that it does not cost you anything, you make a net profit of $ 2 a day without any work, nice to round off the ends of the month or to make pocket money.

0.01 BTC start Balance!

Invest risk Level: Low/Medium ( i think this one could be legit i'm in)

Launched 28.11


0.001 BTC start Balance!

Invest risk Level: Medium/Low (will probably go on for a 6 month to 1 year period!)