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crypto dice gambling - Gamble with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

I did some research and testet a lot of websites and platforms including gambling and dice websites. So these are the best ones in points like payment time, legit, trusted, fair, reachability, community and house edge!

 Info: Normal Casino's (cash) : house edge 25%-15%
Online Casino's (fiat) : house edge 20%-10%
Crypto Casino/Dice : house edge 3%-0%

My winner and Favourit is Luckygames.fun





The different game modes:

  1. Balls
  2. Dice
  3. Roulette
  4. Cells
  5. Hacker (beta)


What makes it so special:

  1. the activ and helpfull admin and support team!
  2. The low 1% edge!
  3. The fairness! (the only dice i know where auto bets runs for hours without loosing with the right Strategy!)
  4. And the best is you can play with almost every cryptocurrency! 

90++ Coins and Tokens are supported at the moment and they add more and more!

Supported Currencies: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, blackcoin, burst, clams, dash, digibyte, dogecoin, einsteinium, ethereum, ethereum classic, feathercoin, gamecredits, gas, gulden, ION, litecoin, monacoin, monero, namecoin, navcoin, nem, neo, novacoin, nxt, peercoin, pivx, potcoin, qtum, reddcoin, ripple, siacoin, steem, steen dollars, stratis, syscoin, verge, vericoin, vertcoin, viacoin, waves, zcash, zcoin and more



Faucet 200$ in Bitcoin every Hour!


The diffrent game modes:

  1. Dice
  2. Lotto
  3. get daily interest for your balance


What makes it so special:

  1. nice active support and community
  2. House edge 1%!
  3. Fair!
  4. fast transactions
  5. high faucet every hour! 

Supported Currencies: bitcoin