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Steps to claim your Tezos [XTZ] account and delegate




1. Activate your Tezos wallet

a. Go to  https://stephenandrews.github.io/activatez/

b. Enter your Public Key Hash/Address

c. Enter your activation code

d. Click Activate

Wait for 30 seconds for your wallet to get activated.

Note :- if you get an error than change your browser

2.Restore your wallet

a. Goto  https://tezbox.github.io/wallet/#/new

b. Click on restore your Tezos wallet

c. Click the fundraiser wallet on top right and enter the details (15 words seed, password, activation code and email)

d. Click on restore Tezos. (Done!)

e. Next page will ask you to enter a password to encrypt your wallet. (You can use any password you want)

Note:- Compare your public Hash address of ICO wallet with the wallet you have entered. If the address does not match or balance is 0 than you have either not activated your wallet (Step 1) or entered something wrong (Repeat Step 2)

3. Delegate your coins

a. Go to www.mytezosbaker.com to see potential delegates. Choose a delegate and go to their website to see their delegate address.

b. On your wallet page (Tezbox wallet as mentioned in step 2) click on add account (on left side). This will add an account address starting from KT……. Please remember that this address is under your control. You won’t need a seperate key for it. You cannot delegate from your T address. You can only delegate from K address


c. Wait until the account has been added to the blockchain


d. Transfer your coins from T address to K address (fee: 0) (created in step 2)


e. Under “Delegate”, select “Custom”

f. Enter your selected delegate address from –  https://www.mytezosbaker.com/bakers-list/

g.  Press ”Update Delegate”

h. All Done! You’re now delegating to the Staking Facilities Bakery


Hope this helps you understand!