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Collection of useful Crypto Websites -

should be smoething for everybody!

crypto informations:

Bitcointalk - Biggest crypto Forum, you'll get almost every Information there,


twitter - is a social media platform. Twitter is the best way to get insider informations, )(follow the Profiles of the coins you like and also follow crypto OG's )


cointelegraph - Cointelegraph is a completely independent publication covering cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web. We offer the latest news, prices, breakthroughs and analysis with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.


cryptopanic - This news aggregator platform gathers any news that may impact the crypto markets.


coindesk - Most important news portal that keeps you informed about every little thing that happens around crypto.



crypto market informations:

CoinMarketCap - MarketCaps, 24h Volumes (Exchange and Global)


coinlib - MarketCaps, Tools, Portfolio, 24h Volumes (Exchange and Global)


livecoinwatch - MarketCaps, 24h Volumes (Exchange and Global)


bitscreener - MarketCaps, 24h Volumes (Exchange and Global)




Binance - the fastest growing CryptoExchange also the biggest Exchange (most traffic) at the moment.                                     [GEM]


Kucoin - very innovative. quite young but already one of the biggest stock exchanges.                                                                        [GEM]


        Cryptopia - simple but stable and reliable exchange since 2013. the difference to most other exchanges is that there are also rather                                                 unknown coins with low marketcap but good potential listed. Low marketcap = high potential for growth.   [GEM] 


HitBTC - HitBTC is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013                                                                        [GEM]


Margin Trading:


Bitmex - The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) is a leading digital currency exchange platform that offers Derivatives, Futures, and Prediction contracts and markets for margin trading cryptocurrencies.

[howto] - Bittrex step by step tutorial


1Fox - Leveraged cryptocurrency trading.


1broker - Forex and Crypto leveraged trading with bitcoin. Copy succesfull traders for stable profits.




tradingview - offers a variety of technical tools such as graphs for all cryptocurrencies and more.


BitcoinWisdom - a real-time graphs website which shows Bitcoin price at the five major exchanges (including China’s Houbi),in addition, the site also provide graphs of some major Altcoins. Fast and easy to use. A must for experienced and newbies.



delta - best portfolio. Many low cap coins listed. APP and Desktop version available.


CryptoCompare - Web portfolio. Also offers many other services.


coincodex - Web portfolio. Also offers many other services.


livecoinwatch - Web portfolio. Also offers many other services.




luckygames - fairest, fastest and most trusted Gambling. [90 cryptocurrencies supported(atomic swaps)]


freebitcoin - fair, fast and trusted dice and lottery website. since 2012

freebitcoin faucet - freebitcoin gives you the chance to claim up to 200$ in Bitcoin every Hour. (paying since 2012)


DuckDice - fair, fast and trusted dice



Staking Pool/Shared Mastednodes


stakinglab - web based staking/masternode software. They offer you to add you're coins to their pool or shared

Masternodes  to get more and faster stakes. [(PoS 0.1 -3% fees) (Masternodes 0-5% fees). Very active developers and supoort team.

stakinglab - step by step tutorial




MasterNode pro - Coin statistics, maintenance info, up to date with new coins.


MasterNode online - Coin statistics, maintenance info, up to date with new coins.

Initial Coin Offerings


ICO StatsThis website provides information about ICO performance, including ICO date, 24-hour ROI and all-time ROI.


Token Market -Token Market’s ICO Calendar is useful for those who want to find a new ICO to invest in.


Smith + CrownThis list wouldn’t be complete without Smith + Crown. This website covers a range of curated ICOs, but also includes the so-called Smith+Crown Index or SCI. The SCI is an indicator of the state of the                                                                cryptocurrency markets.

Other usefull Websites


coinmarketcal - Calendar for any happenings in the cryptoworld (The idea is a calendar of events that are fed by the community)


Steemit - Steemit is a blockchain-based social media and blogging platform.